I have been living in the area since 1996. I am an orchestral conductor, improviser, composer and music teacher. I initially became a trustee because I believe in the importance of music and music education for young people. In the current climate, where literacy and numeracy are taught in our schools to the almost total exclusion of all else, it seems even more important to provide a space for young people to develop their creative side through learning an instrument and playing together with other musicians.

In 2015 I resigned as a trustee in order to take on the role of Director and Administrator. I am also the tutor for the Senior Ensemble.

For many years, SaMM had been run by a group of very enthusiastic and committed trustees who gave up huge amounts of time and energy in order to keep SaMM going. In 2015 we received funding from the Devon Music Hub and part of that grant went towards funding the post of Director/Administrator.

This has enabled SaMM to move to a much healthier and normal structure with trustees overseeing the general operation and functioning of the organisation and withdrawing from the day to day operational issues.

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