Make a Donation

Make a Donation

SaMMs pays its way through fees, funding and other fundraising activities and events.

  • Fees: We keep these as low as we possibly can - we don't want a child to miss out on musical training and participation because of money. We subsidise children too - offfering them free or reduced rate attendance and subsidising individual instrumental lessons where necessary.
  • Funding: We are VERY grateful to the DMEH (Devon Music Education Hub) who have kept is going through annual grants over the past 3 years. The funding has allowed us to engage in outreach work at local schools as well as helping us keep fees at a manageable level for parents.
  • Fundraising: We have raffles and refreshments at concerts, a Facebook fundraiser and donations.
  • KEVICC: Last but by no means least: we couldn't do what we do without the generous in-kind support from KEVICC who give us the use of the Ariel Center and the school for 30 Saturdays a year and the generosity of our parents who give of their time and often much more week in, week out. Thank you!

Making a Donation

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