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Why is recorder such a fantastic starter instrument?

1: It is incredibly cheap to buy  - for about £7 you can buy a superb quality instrument - an Aulos 303 descant recorder 
2: The fundamental musical skills needed to play any musical instrument can be learnt on the recorder. These include rhythm, length of notes, pitch, reading music and of course listening and playing with others.
3: The recorder is very easy to learn - no tricky bowing hand to master - no strange mouth embouchure to get the hang of - no awkward finger positions and heavy instruments. The recorder is simple, small and straightforward. It is also robust and can be cleaned in a washing up bowl!
Progressing from recorder to any instrument gives the child a head start that can make learning much more rewarding.

4: The recorder is also an incredibly beautiful instrument in its own right - and leads to the opportunity of playing in a recorder consort - with the bigger recorders - treble, tenor and bass recorders. The descant recorder is one of the smallest recorders - you can see some of the biggest in the first 2 videos below.

In the past few years there have been recorder finalists in the BBC Young Musician of the Year - see the video below.

Isn’t the recorder a screechy instrument that sounds absolutely dreadful in a group?
The descant recorder can sound terrible if it is blown too hard. There are many easy ways to teach a group of children recorder without it sounding dreadful and without the children overblowing. SaMM tutors can advise.
When descant recorders are played together - the slight differences of tuning produce what are called sub-tones - strange low buzzing sounds. If the teachers accompanies the group with a lower instrument such as guitar, piano or CD - then the problem disappears.
Outreach support:
There are SaMM tutors able to help and support teachers and schools in teaching recorder - providing advice, support, teaching materials and training.
There are free videos available on this website on how to play the recorder and get started.
Why learn an instrument?
Learning an instrument is not just a leisure time activity - another entertainment - as it is often branded in our current culture.
Learning an instrument opens doors to taking part in our rich culture and gives depth and meaning to life. It opens doors to taking part in music making which can be one of the most richly rewarding experiences.  It is a wonderful skill for life and a fabulous developmental training.
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The descant recorder is one of the smallest recorders - here are some of the biggest!
More big recorders
In the past few years there have been recorder finalists in the BBC Young Musician of the Year