SaMM Outreach

An increasing amount of the work we do as an organisation is in schools, as part of our outreach programme.

In the current climate, with school budgets being squeezed from every direction, school teachers being asked to do more and more and a requirement to deliver the curriculum, music provision is not always at the top of the list.
By going into schools with qualified tutors, we hope to make a contribution by helping to introduce school children to music and musicial instruments as well as providing class teachers with resources and strategies for teaching music in the classroom.

Some of the projects we run are:

  • Instrumental taster sessions: we come to a school with a group of musicians and show them the different instruments as well as giving them an opportunity to try them out
  • Classroom Projects: One of our tutors comes to the school on 4+ occasions and provides a structure for a musical project which the classroom teacher can then work with between visits
  • The Devon Recorder Initiative: In response to the huge decline in the number of children learning to play musical instruments - the Devon Children’s Recorder Initiative is a project set up to promote and support recorder teaching in schools.

Please contact for more information on any aspect of our outreach work and projects