SaMM Youth Choir

This is a choir doing music written in 3, 4 or more parts, for anyone 12 and upwards who can already read music (at least a bit). Singing in a choir is a fantastic way to improve sight-reading and general musicianship, as well as being part of an amazing British tradition of music that goes back centuries. We’ll sing music from medieval times right up to the present, from a wide range of composers. It might include things written for the church, though we won’t sing it in a religious way. We’ll also include jazz, folk, close-harmony and contemporary classical music from all over the world. 
Everyone can sing (even most people who think they can’t!). If you play an instrument already, then this is a great way to get better at that, as well as developing the instrument you were born with an don’t have to carry around. If you don’t, then this is lovely way to start making music with other people. 

Course Level 
Intermediate to Advanced
Time Slot 
11.30 - 12.20
Course Tutor