What we do

SaMM is a Saturday Morning Music School based in Totnes, Devon, UK. We meet every Saturday during term time in the Ariel Centre at KEVICC,

We aim to help children learn and improve musicianship whilst also learning that music is a fun and rewarding social activity and not just a “hard effort” practising alone at home.

We are an inclusive organisation and offer children of all ages and musical abilities – from 4 to 18 and from complete beginner to virtuoso – the opportunity to enjoy making music with others in a wide variety of ensemble workshops.

Although you do not have to be able to play an instrument to be part of SaMM, we strongly encourage it by offering:

  • Help with choosing an instrument
  • Offering instrument hire at £40 per annum
  • Help with finding the right teacher


Spring Term 2019 begins on Saturday 12th January

SaMM 2019 kicks off on Saturday 12th January at 9.30am

We have some brilliant new groups:

Beginners Ensemble with Sam Massey
Senior Theory and Practice with Richard Gonski

Both groups start at 9.30am

New Resources Page on the Website

We now have a new section on the website called resources. It is a work in progress but there is already information on:

and plenty more to come.

Give it a try!