Sing and Play

Sing and Play is a music group for key stage one children from reception to year 2.

The aim of the group is to teach and equip students in the foundation skills of music - and for this to be taught in a fun, engaging, inspiring and creative way.


In the session children gain experience in foundation skills of music - such as playing rhythms, singing, beats in a bar, and the basic fundamentals of reading music.


They also learn the expressive qualities of music through creative exploration such as making music for stories and in listening to music and engaging with it.


Children are given fundamental knowledge of a wide range of musical genres including folk, orchestral instruments, Jazz and world music including African drumming and have the opportunity to try a wide variety of instruments. 


The children learn recorder as part of the group as this is an excellent starter instrument. 


When children graduate from Sing and Play they are ready to take up lessons on an instrument and take part in a variety of ensembles and groups offered at SaMM.

Course Level 
Time Slot 
9.30 - 10.20
Course Tutor