Electric Guitar

I use a base of Popular music( in the most part from Rock and Pop ) to enable even the shyest person to stand on the stage at the end of term concert and show the results of their enormous hard work during the previous weeks. This is ensemble work but represents hard won technical skills and abilities in the basics of putting together a Pop song , finding out what it’s made of , what makes it work and how to draw out the best from the students they are working with. The idea of a dozen young people thrashing away on electric guitars together is both unusual and challenging . Abilities and ages can differ greatly within the group of students and every term is approached as a new thing with surprises in store. I tend to dart around the room each week trying to impart some quick tips to help students get difficult things get accomplished .That way they are learning individually something that can be useful to the group and themselves. It speaks much of their strength of character that they can withstand the barrage of sound

Course Level 
Time Slot 
11.30 - 12.20
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